OMES Budget Review

Scope Description:

Examine the historical budget of the agency for the past five years and present the percentage of operational funding sources, to include: revenue billed to State agencies for services, State appropriations, and one-time funds, such as federal relief funds.

Evaluation Objectives:

This evaluation will be guided by three key objectives within the scope set forth by the Legislative Oversight Committee: 

  1. Examine the financial operations of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, to include a review of all funds and assets held by the agency, all sources of revenue, and key expenditure categories.
  2. Quantify the charges and fees paid by State entities to OMES for services.
  3. Identify services provided by OMES that are mandatory and those that are optional for agencies.
  4. Evaluate OMES’ process for establishing rates for services, including whether a service is unbilled or subsidized, and how rates are benchmarked to ensure competitive pricing.

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