Regulation of Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Industry

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Summary of Policy Considerations and Agency Recommendations

Policy Considerations

The Legislature may consider the following policy changes:

  • Establish an Agency Advisory Committee, or comparable structure, that requires agencies to:
    • define their roles and responsibilities within the medical marijuana industry
    • further develop the missing processes within the industry
    • develop and deliver strategic plans
    • develop and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and
    • utilize MOU agreements for the budgeting of regulatory functions
  • Establish a legislative oversight body responsible for reviewing and approving strategic plans, KPIs, and for ongoing feedback related to medical marijuana regulation.
  • Utilize the legislative oversight body to review and approve KPIs for each regulatory entity and to tie information into decisions regarding apportionment of tax collections, as OMMA is a non-appropriated agency.
  • Require an independent operational assessment related to transitioning OMMA to a stand- alone state agency or independent commission.
  • Review best practices for tracking and responding to supply and demand needs.
  • Institute a moratorium on business licenses until such a time the State can fully develop and implement its regulatory framework and bring the industry into compliance.

Agency Recommendations

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority should:

  • Develop an annual Strategic Plan with quantifiable and attainable measures to evaluate its performance in regulating the medical marijuana industry. The report would be delivered at a time determined by the Legislature.
  • Enhance the data collected from medical marijuana business applications to obtain more in- formation on growth and changes in the industry, and to inform the review process.
  • Develop a more comprehensive supply chain management strategy, including process implementation for the upcoming seed-to-sale tool and other strategies for collecting quality data to inform the decision-making process.
  • Work to improve the quality, quantity, and transparency of available data for medical marijuana metrics to allow for future evidenced-based investments.
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